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Vote for Gary Slossberg for City Council
on Tuesday, March 3, 2009!

"The City Council is controlled by a majority faction of aggressively pro-billboards, pro-density, pro-high rise politicians led by Silver Lake-area Councilman Eric Garcetti."
- LA Weekly, October 2, 2008

Welcome to the Gary Slossberg for City Council Official Campaign Site! Our community matters, and you have the right to determine the direction our community takes as we head together into the future.

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I am running for City Council because I believe that our current City Hall leadership has lost touch with the issues that affect our community most. Everywhere I go I hear the same message: Councilman Eric Garcetti is disconnected from the people. We need a representative in City Council who understands the issues facing our community.

As a long-time member of my Neighborhood Council, I believe that power comes from the bottom up. I walk the same streets, ride the same subways and buses, shop at the same stores, and pay my rent each month like the majority of residents in our community. I understand our community and am ready to serve it as your next City Councilman.

It is time to bring City government back to the people. If elected, I pledge to be honest and accountable to you, as my constituents, and to the concerns that matter most to our community. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to working for you.

Gary Slossberg
Candidate for City Council
13th District

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